Thursday, January 9, 2020

Public transit users walk more

Although overall North Americans only walk about 6 daily minutes on average, public transit users spend a median of 19 daily minutes walking, which nearly achieves the target of 22 daily minutes of moderate physical activity (Besser and Dannenberg 2005; Weinstein and Schimek 2005). Using pedometers and surveys to track walking activity, Wener and Evans (2007) found that train commuters averaged 30% more walking, more frequently reported walking for 10 minutes or more, and were 4 times more likely to achieve the 10,000 daily steps recommended for fitness and health, than car commuters. Rundle, et al. (2007) found that New York City residents’ Body Mass Index (BMI) ratings tend to decline significantly with greater subway and bus stop density, higher population density, and more mixed land use in their neighborhood. Analysis of walking activity by Lachapelle, et al. (2011) found that public transit commuters average 5 to 10 more minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity, and walked more to services and destinations near home and near the workplace, than transit nonusers, regardless of neighborhood walkability. 

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